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GLEIZÉ, France, Jan. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The high-end workwear specialist becomes a global partner of the MICHELIN Guide. For three years, Lafont will be the only label able to embroider the distinctions and dates on the famous jackets awarded to chefs of the restaurants selected by the MICHELIN Guide.

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By becoming the supplier for the MICHELIN Guide's restaurant teams, Lafont reaffirms the founding values that have built its reputation since 1844: a love of the "do it right" approach, the beauty of the handmade process, and the transferring and excellence of French craftsmanship. The label tirelessly perfects its know-how to dress professionals with style and flawless technique, while staying true to its traditional methods developed since Adolphe Lafont invented the "bleu de travail" (work blues) in Villefranche-sur-Saône. Whether they're stone masons, coachbuilders, cheese or carpet makers and, of course, chefs, Lafont offers these traditional workers new means to express themselves through their workwear.

The brand is strongly involved in craft by nature, further strengthening its commitment at the heart of the cooking, hotel and restaurant industry. After relaunching its C.H.R. line in 2018, it multiplied its partnerships throughout the industry by working with the COET MOF, the Confédération des Boulangers Pâtissiers, the Confédération des Bouchers and the Championnat de France des Desserts. What could be more natural than partnering with another French family business that strives for excellence? The MICHELIN Guide, created in 1900 by the two brothers of the eponymous tire company, is now the international benchmark for selecting quality restaurants. It shares Lafont's love of passion, expertise, determination, achievement and creation—or more simply, French artisanal flair. Building on these common pillars, the MICHELIN Guide and Lafont are joining forces to dress and enhance the work of the world's top chefs.  
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About Lafont

Lafont was founded in 1844 in Villefranche-sur-Saône (69) and invented workwear, including the Colton jacket and the 406 bib overall, better known as the emblematic work overalls. This long tradition and relentless innovation helped build the French brand's renowned expertise and unparalleled reputation.

Thanks to its technical, functional, durable and trendy clothing, it guarantees professionals across many fields—buildings, construction, industry, health, cooking, hotels and restaurants—absolute comfort at work. In 2016 ,the Cepovett Group, one of Europe's major professional apparel companies, acquired the high-end workwear brand. This family-owned company created in 1948 then industrialized processes by integrating the entire value chain. Cepovett is a pioneer in textile solution sales, designing uniforms for major companies such as Air France, Thalys, Orange, Accor, Vinci, SNCF, etc.

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