Sacramento Moving Company Shares Its Secure Gym Equipment Moving Process

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 12:01pm UTC

Auburn Moving & Storage Offers Gym Equipment Moving Services in Sacramento

Roseville, United States - July 10, 2024 / Auburn Moving & Storage /

Many Sacramento residents keep up with rigid fitness plans to maintain their health and appearance. Moving a home or professional gym’s belongings from one place to another takes time and know-how. Auburn Moving & Storage, Sacramento’s trusted moving service, explores how their gym equipment moving services simplify the process below. 

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The Professional Gym Equipment Moving Process

Gym machine transportation involves more than muscle and careful maneuvering. A Sacramento gym owner needs a knowledgeable crew who can man dollies, ramps, and trucks to safely move the cumbersome, expensive pieces from one place to another. Professional heavy gym equipment movers outline their relocation techniques below. 

#1 Equipment Sanitization

Gym users often sweat profusely. While Sacramento gym owners typically keep up with regular disinfection, they might miss a spot. The exercise equipment movers will carefully wipe down each piece of gym equipment to sanitize it for the new location. 

#2 Organizing Smaller Items

The next step of gym equipment moving service involves packaging up small items, such as:

  • Hand weights
  • Medicine balls
  • Towels
  • Yoga mats
  • Rock climbing harnesses

These items can quickly become tripping hazards or simply get in the way of large fitness equipment relocation. Boxing them up with similar things clears a path for the movers to work quickly.  

#3 Transfering Lightweight Equipment

Many fitness machine moving services focus on removing the lighter equipment first. It can go in the back of the moving truck. Lightweight machinery won’t damage the heavier things when accelerating and breaking. 

Plus, small pieces of gym equipment often fold. This compact size makes storage and transport a little more convenient. 

#4 Moving Heavier Pieces

Heavy lifting comes in handy when removing bigger, heavier gym equipment. Treadmills, flex systems, and similarly complex items go in the front. The moving team will use team-lift techniques or dollies to take large equipment from one place to another. They can help secure the lighter equipment, preventing these pieces from sliding around. 

#5 Securing the Load 

Professional movers prevent the equipment from shaking, sliding, and leaning in different directions as much as possible. They may use buckles and ropes to keep particularly unstable equipment in place throughout the commute. Once they secure the load, the movers will regroup for the final commute. 

Trust Auburn Moving & Storage for Your Gym Equipment Relocation 

Sacramento gym owners who dread an exhausting exercise gear relocation should contact  Auburn Moving & Storage for convenient gym equipment moving services. Readers and journalists are encouraged to call 916-786-8683 with their queries on the subject. Auburn Moving & Storage is happy to provide more detailed insights about gym equipment relocation assistance.

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