Upgrade Your Bathroom with Style: A Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Sinks and Vanities for Every Size and Style

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Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 9:49pm UTC
Upgrade Your Bathroom with Style: A Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Sinks and Vanities for Every Size and StylePhoto from Unsplash

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Aside from the shower, the vanity sink is the next bathroom accessory that captures the eye and elevates your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. Also known as bathroom sinks or vessel sinks, these accessories are an integral part of the bathroom and help elevate its style. Sink for bathroom are available in multiple styles and sizes, each ranging in price, build, and functionality. You can choose according to your existing decor or choose superior functionality, whatever works best.

But where do you find high-quality vessel sinks for bathrooms? Don’t worry; we have you covered! The Anzzi store is the leading bath accessory store that offers a wide range of modern bathroom sinks made from different materials, such as stone, ceramic, wood, crystal, and glass. Each has its pros and cons. To make it easier for you, we have listed some of the best bathroom sink bowls by Anzzi. Let’s view their features in detail and pick out the best bath room sink for your place.

Paeva Series Deco-Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink

The Paeva series bathroom sink is a crystal clear Chipasi finish, a traditionally round sink for the bathroom that adds a luxurious feel to the space and elevates the bathroom style. The bath sink is built with Rhino-Alloy certified high-tempered deco-glass that is impurity and fog-free and can take on multiple designs and patterns. It is thick, reliable, and offers a top-mount installation.

Key Features

  • The basin sink is thick and has a 1.75-inch deco-glass thickness.
  • It comes with a chrome-polished single-handle waterfall faucet.
  • It has a non-porous surface; thus, it is scratch-free and stain-resistant. It is also easy to clean.

Story Series Deco-Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink

If you want your vessel bathroom sinks to be the center of attention, choose the Story series bathroom sink bowl. Crafted with Rhino-Alloy-certified deco-glass material, the sink is reliable, sturdy, and free from dust and grime buildup. It is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and hassle-free to clean. No more worrying about dust accumulating in the corners; this perfectly crafted square-shaped sink uses advanced materials that last long and retain their lustrous clear finish.

Key Features

  • It has a lustrous clear finish and a scratch and stain-free surface.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It offers top-mount installation.
  • It has a single standard drain opening of 1.75 inches.

Levi Series Vessel Bathroom Sink

Have you ever had a modern bathroom sink that shines? The Levi series bath sinks by Anzzi will make your bathroom the star of the house with their unique speckled silver surface finish. The deco-glass construction combined with the silver finish gives the bathroom sink a luxurious feel while remaining sturdy and reliable. It is one of the best small bathroom sinks with an overall dimension of 6.5 in. L x 16.5 in. W x 5.9 in. H.

Key Features

  • It offers top-mount installation.
  • A single pop-up drain with an opening of 1.75 inches.
  • Sturdy and has a deco-glass thickness of ½ inches.

Komupau Series Deco-Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink

The Komupau series by Anzzi is one of the best sinks for bathroom. The traditional round shape constructed by Rhino-Alloy-certified tempered deco-glass material ensures the elegant design is sturdy and reliable. The glass bathroom sink has a polished chrome pop-up drain with a standard opening of 1.75 inches. This top mount bathroom sink is ideal for small to large bathrooms and helps you elevate your style within a budget.

Key Features

  • It has a stain-free and scratch-tough, non-porous surface.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It has an overall dimension of 16.5 in. L x 16.5 in. W x 5.5 in. H

Dusk Bathroom Sink

Some bowls for bathroom sinks are breathtakingly beautiful, and the dusk bathroom bowl sink is the perfect example. The bathroom basin is crafted using a blend of natural stone and the Rhino-Alloy certified Blue Stone, also known as Anzzi Stone. The Anzzi stone is a composite blend that can be hardened into a solid stone-like material.

This large bathroom sink is crafted in sublime sedimentary European style that complements many bathroom styles and decor and is sure to be an eye-catcher.

Key Features

  • It is made with polished and detailed Blue Stone Anzzi material.
  • It is formed from one piece and has solid, sturdy craftsmanship.
  • The exterior is naturally textured and weighs around 53 lbs.
  • The dimensions and textures can vary as each piece is handcrafted.

Rongomae Series Deco-Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink

Looking for a bathroom sink with bowl? The Rongomae series bathroom sinks are built using the Rhino-Alloy deco-glass material that is tempered and can take on multiple forms, styles, and finishes. This particular vessel sink bathroom vanity has a blue coiled finish and a traditional round shape, making it stand out in a stark white bathroom.

Key Features

  • It offers top-mount installation.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Dimensions: 16.75 in. L x 16.75 in. W x 6.125 in. H
  • It has a single drain opening.

Sierra Natural Stone Bathroom Sink

The Sierra series is a bunch of unique bathroom sinks made from handpicked samples of Rhino-Alloy certified natural Anzzi Stone. Each sink is handcrafted to perfection and has a beautiful blush color that complements your existing decor. This vessel sinks bathroom resists fire, germs, stains, and chemicals due to its non-porous surface.

Key Features

  • It is a countertop-mounted sink.
  • You can buy the drain separately. It has a 2.5-inch opening.
  • It is durable and easy to clean.

Vitruvius Series Ceramic Bathroom Sink

The Vitruvius series bathroom vanity with bowl sink is crafted using the Rhino-Alloy approved artisan strength Vitreous China material, giving it distinct properties and looks. The advanced china material is highly durable and delicate, creating a fine balance between elegance and strength. This bowl sinks bathroom is cUPC & CSA certified.

Key Features

  • These bowl sinks with vanity are constructed with a back side built-in overflow.
  • It offers above-deck top-mount installation.
  • The drainage assembly is not included in the package.


Finding the right bathroom sinks for sale is easier said than done. With so many bathroom sink sizes and styles available, choosing one that suits your style and functionality needs is difficult. However, by reaching out to the Anzzi store, you can narrow down your options to high-quality sinks for bathrooms made with natural, ceramic, or glass material. They offer top quality at reasonable prices and ensure you can renovate your bathroom and get the right bathroom sink for you.